I began my first steps with programming in 2004 in a school for higher technical education for software development and business organization. After 5 years in school, I worked couple of month as a carpenter in the family business and then I started to work as a technical engineer with the responsibility over medical institutions.

But somehow that wasn’t enough. In 2011, I started to study “Applied Informatics” and began to work part time as a PHP (laravel) and Android developer.

After I finished my Masters degree I wanted to clear my mind and expand my horizon. I quit my job and started to travel around the world for some time. Back home reality hit again and I started to work as a C# developer.

Since 2019, I work as a project manager and team leader. Thats one of the reasons I wanted to write articles abouts software development, so that I don’t completely lose my connection to (executive) software development.

I tend to seek for new knowledge. This nature comes in handy when I think about what article to write next. So I hope you enjoy my articles and I am always happy about some feedback!

P.S.: I tend to write long and complex sentences. So don’t you wonder if my articles are sometimes hard to read or you have to read some sentences multiple times to get a clue 🙂